Man uses skateboard to fend off large cougar after surprise attack in Banff national park

National Post | News

Banff is on edge after a cougar attacked a man in his 20s; there have been several other sightings, and parts of the Alberta mountain town are now shut down. The young man, who was walking along a wooded path on Thursday listening to music on his headphones, was able to fend off the cat by swatting it with his skateboard. It’s exceedingly rare for a cougar to go after a human, said Bill Hunt, the national park’s resource conservation manager, who spoke to the Post’s Jen Gerson on Monday:

Q:How did you become aware of this cougar attack? What happened?

A: Our dispatch centre received an anonymous caller reporting contact with a cougar. The fellow was walking along a woody trail between the town of Banff and the industrial compound in Banff and suddenly he was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. He swung around…

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