N3twork emerges with a new type of content app, $12M from Google Ventures, Kleiner


The founders of startup N3twork, which officially launched on Wednesday night, say they’re trying to do no less than reinvent the way that people consume web content on their devices. The problem is that it’s pretty hard to judge just how revolutionary that type of simple-sounding app could be without seeing the product in action — the actual app comes out later this year.

But what we do know about N3twork is that the company was founded just five months ago by a group from mobile gaming company ngmoco (which was sold to Japanese giant DNA for $400 million), and is backed with a new Series A round of $12 million from Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and Floodgate. Kleiner’s Bing Gordan and Floodgates Mike Maples led their firms’ investments.

N3twork CEO Neil Young (not that one) told me in an interview on Wednesday that the app will allow a…

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