Machine learning startup Ayasdi raises $30.6M to map your data


Ayasdi, the machine learning startup that creates maps out of complex datasets, has raised a $30.6 million series B round of venture capital. New investor IVP led the round, with Citi Ventures and GE Ventures chipping in, as well as existing investors Khosla Ventures and Floodgate. This makes a total of nearly $41 million in funding for the red-hot Ayasdi, which emerged from stealth mode in January.

The company, founded by Gunnar Carlsson and Gurjeet Singh, uses a technique called topological data analysis to create the visually stunning maps that help set its product apart. A lot goes on under the covers in order to map out the data — hundreds of machine learning algorithms analyzing up to billions of data points — but the result is a map of the data that looks similar to a classic network graph. Only, instead of showing how data points are…

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