The Seven-Story Chinese Office Block Built for Just Eight Officials


When China’s Premier Li Keqiang came into office early this year, he vowed there would be no more new government buildings constructed over the next five years — in order to crack down on ostentatious displays of government largesse. Obviously, one of Li’s subordinates in China’s central Hunan province disagreed with his edict. On Thursday, pictures of a luxury government building in Yungai — a village infamous for its poverty in Hunan province — went viral on Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging service, triggering a furor among Chinese netizens.

Local newspapers reported that the seven-story office, which cost Yungai village $2.46 million, was built for just eight officials working there. Tan Junwu, head of the Yungai village commission, claimed the office was built to attract business transactions and foreign investments. But his response to the online ruckus did nothing to dissipate anger over his new office.

[time-brightcove videoid=1892525237001]

“Many Chinese…

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