Machine Learning Guidance For Beginners

Machine Learning

With a deluge of machine learning resources both online and offline, a newbie in this field would simply get awestruck and might get stranded due to indecisiveness. There are people who are good at spotting what to read/follow and what not . Particularly, this post is for ML enthusiasts who are not able to find a good way to understand and use ML but this is what they had always wanted to wet their hands into.

[Hilary mason’s video on ML ] for Hackers gives a great introductory feel of the ML area in 30 minutes

People who think a rigorous background of stochastic, optimization and linear algebra is utmost necessary to start with might not always be correct. Most important thing is to get started and the other mathematical fundamentals can be learnt on the fly. But, yes some prior knowledge might be helpful. A person cannot learn…

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