Go Go Gadget, Gephi! The (Mis)Adventures of a Newbie DHer

Elena M. Friot

The week we discussed data visualizations in seminar, some of our classmates took a look at data visualization programs and reported back to us.  What could they be used for? How did they work? What kind of visualization did they produce?

One of my colleagues perused the Gephi program and worked through the tutorial with a sample data set.  Gephi is a “an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.”  In the most basic sense, Gephi has the capability to take the data you give it and produce visual representations of the networks, relationships, and hierarchies between “things.”

So, we were shown a visualization of characters from the novel Les Miserables.  She had followed the tutorial included in the program, which produced a snazzy-looking, incredibly complex network of relationships between the characters.  This is a screenshot of the visualization, from…

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