You can pluck graphene from thin air – but then what?


Graphene! It’s the wonder stuff: the thinnest, stiffest, strongest and most impermeable material known to humanity, as well as the best thermal and electrical conductor. What’s more, a company called Graphene Technologies has figured out how to more-or-less pluck the stuff out of thin air – the firm has a scalable, patented technique for creating very pure graphene out of carbon dioxide.

So why does Graphene Technologies CEO John Myers sound so downbeat about the atom-thick carbon lattice?

Graphene Technologies founder John MyersSpeaking at Graphene Live in Berlin — co-located with the Printed Electronics Europe 2013 event — Myers pretty much asked the crowd of attendees whether any of them had any idea what to do with the stuff:

“I’m skeptical about the market I’m in now. There’s a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of confusion. The problem is there isn’t a market of any significant size for graphene.

“We all…

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