You asked Chris Anderson anything. Here are the highlights.

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Chris-Anderson-RedditYesterday, our curator Chris Anderson took an hour to answer rapid-fire questions in a Reddit AMA, sandwiched between AMAs with Matt Damon and Kevin Smith no less. Redditors asked Chris about everything from his dream speakers to the charge that TED has censored speakers. Below, highlights of the conversation.

Timbenz asked:

What category is hardest to get decent speakers? Sports? Politics? Finance? Other?

Chris answered:

Women. We try at least twice as hard to recruit women, and still have fewer than we would wish … only about a third. But it’s getting better. My colleague June Cohen spoke about the issue here.

Other categories … let’s see. Politics is tricky. Not interested in the kind of political debate we see most days in mainstream media. We do try to find politicians who can present an outside-the-box framing of an issue and could certainly have more of those at…

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