C# How to: Weighted Difference of Gaussians

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Article Purpose

It is the purpose of this article to illustrate the concept of Difference of GaussiansEdge Detection. This article extends the conventional implementation of Difference of Gaussian algorithms through the application of equally sized matrixkernels only differing by a weight factor.

Frog: Kernel 5×5, Weight1 0.1, Weight2 2.1

Frog: Kernel 5x5, Weight1 0.1, Weight2 2.1

Sample Source Code

This article is accompanied by a sample source code Visual Studio project which is available for download here.

Weighted Difference Of Gaussians Sample Source Code

Using the Sample Application

This article relies on a sample application included as part of the accompanying sample source code. The sample application serves as a practical implementation of the concepts explored throughout this article.

The sample application user interface enables the user to configure and control the implementation of a Difference of GaussiansEdge DetectionImage filter. The configuration options exposed through the sample application’s user interface can be detailed as follows:

  • Load/Save Images –…

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