OpenCV SIFT Tutorial

Chris McCormick

This tutorial covers SIFT feature extraction, and matching SIFT features between two images using OpenCV’s ‘matcher_simple’ example. It does not go as far, though, as setting up an object recognition demo, where you can identify a trained object in any image.

OpenCV Setup & Project

If you haven’t already, get OpenCV installed and a project setup in Visual Studio. You can find some instructions for doing that here.

I’ve also uploaded my Visual Studio project, here. It assumes you have OpenCV 2.4.3 installed to C:opencv, and that you’ve added OpenCV to your path as described in the instructions I linked to above. If you have a different version you’ll have to change the referenced library names.

‘matcher_simple.cpp’ Example

If you look under “C:opencvsamplescpp” you’ll find a big disorganized mess of example source files and images.

One of the examples, ‘matcher_simple.cpp’, provides an introduction to feature extraction. It uses…

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