Nigeria Home

Crouch Potato

It’s been about a week since we left the States for Nigeria and here we are.  At the moment, Danny and I are sitting outside a wi-fi spot, which is a few houses down from his home.  We have yet to set up internet inside his house but are working on it.  It’s strange to be writing from such a remote place.

We arrived safe and sound on Friday, June 26th, in Miango, Nigeria after two full days of travel.  This is where Danny was born and raised.  Miango is home to Kent Academy (KA), the school that Danny’s parents have taught at for over 30 years, and Miango Rest Home, a guest house used by missionaries as a retreat center.  It’s been neat for me to see this place in person–to hear the sounds and smell the smells that I could only imagine from photographs and home videos.  We…

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