Atheer Labs Turns To Crowdfunding To Bring Its 3D Augmented Reality Glasses To Life


The jury is largely still out on wearable gadgets like Google Glass that let you passively consume information that appears in front of your eyes, but Soulaiman Itani isn’t satisfied with just looking. Instead, his company — Mountain View-based Atheer Labs — has been working on a device that lets its users physically manipulate that information too.

Sounds like yet another load of sci-fi nonsense trickling into the real world, but the experience is much closer than one might think. Earlier today Atheer Labs kicked off an Indiegogo campaign for two new pairs of augmented reality glasses they hope will get developers and tinkerers excited about their vision of the future of computing.

“The digital world shouldn’t be limited to screens any more,” Itani told me. “It should be all around you and customized to you.

The vision highlighted in the company’s Indiegogo teaser video essentially depicts the intersection of…

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