What does Jetpac measure?

Pete Warden's blog


Jetpac is building a modern version of Yelp, using Big Data rather than user reviews. People take a billion photos every day, and many of these are shared publicly on social networks. We’re analyzing these pictures to build better descriptions of bars, restaurants, hotels, and other venues around the world.

When you see a label like “Hipsters” in the app, you probably wonder where it comes from. The short answer is that we’re spotting places that have a lot of mustaches! There’s a lot going on under the hood to reach that conclusion, and we’ve had fun building some pretty unusual algorithms, so I’ll be geeking out a bit about how we do it.

One thing to bear in mind when digging into this is that we’re in the engineering business, not research, so our goal is to build tools that meet our needs, rather than trying to perform…

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