Lightbox Wants To Be Your Phone’s Other Lens


Say hey to a new wearable camera contending for your cash. The Ca7ch Lightbox boasts of being the smallest live-streaming wearable camera — at just 1.5 inches x 0.49 inches, and weighing in at a dainty 30 grams.

It also has an 8MP lens, with f2.4 aperture; records 1080p video; and has a burst mode than be used to create your own animated GIFs. Or it will do if it makes it to market.

The Lightbox is currently a prototype while its creators raise crowdfunding on Kickstarter to take the device into production.

At the time of writing they’re a little under three-quarters of the way to meeting their target of $80,000, with more than $56,000 pledged so far and a full month of their campaign to run. If they get funded they’re aiming to ship to backers in October.

Wearable cameras are already on the market, of course, but it’s still pretty early days for…

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