Algorithmic game theory in the bible or the man who had 3 wives

Predictive Analytics

(Strongly inspired by Gadi Aleksandrowicz)

I always find it fascinating how many math riddles you can find in the old writings like the Talmud and the bible.
Prof. Robert Aumann, an economy Nobel prize winner, published multiple papers on algorithmic game theory and their proof in the Talmud.
One of my favorite ones is the story of the man who had 3 wives.
Unfortunately, in Hebrew vowels are not always written, and the words “wives” and “debt collectors” are indistinguishable, but nevertheless
when the man dies the women (or the debt collectors) demand his inheritance: the first wife wants 300$, the second 200$ and the last one wants 100$.
From this point there is an interesting analysis of how the money should be divided, depending on how much money was left in the inheritance, and it is summarized in the following table:


When looking in the table it is…

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