The Enactive Torch Is A Sensor That Helps The Blind “See”


A new type of sensor could help the blind “see” objects in front of them. Called the Enactive Torch, the device sends out infrared signals which enable the user to sense nearby objects, thanks to a small buzzer attached to the wrist which alerts them if they’re about to crash into a door frame or wall. Think of it as a cane on steroids.

Created by University of Cincinnati grad student Luis Favela, the goal is to bring a little high tech to the experience of being blind. While the white cane has worked for centuries, a smaller, more compact Torch could help users traverse rough terrain or the local mall with ease. The device is fairly large right now, but the creator hopes to shrink it slightly after more experimentation. It has a range of between four inches and three feet.

“In my research I’ve found that there’s an emotional stigma that people…

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