Maniac week postmortem

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My maniac week was a great success! First things first: here’s a time-lapse video1 (I recommend watching it at the full size, 1280×720).

Some statistics2:

  • Total hours of productive work: 55.5 (74 pings)
  • Average hours of work per day3: 11
  • Average hours of sleep per night: 7.8 (52 pings over 5 nights)4
  • Total hours not working or sleeping: 27.25 (37 pings)
  • Average hours not working per day: 5.5
  • Pages of dissertation written: 24 (157 to 181)

[I was planning to also make a visualization of my TagTime data showing when I was sleeping, working, or not-working, but putting together the video and this blog post has taken long enough already! Perhaps I’ll get around to it later.]

Overall, I would call the experiment a huge success—although as you can see, I was a full 2.5 hours per day off my target of 13.5 hours…

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Leaflet.js Map in C#

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Leaflet in C# on the Desktop Leaflet in C# on the Desktop

I have been writing some plugins for ArcGIS Desktop Explorer and thought that for my purposes, Leaflet could do this so much faster and so much lighter.  I could write a webpage to load data from all my sources – Sharepoint, SQL Server, CSV – but I don’t know how to make all the connections and all my SharePoint data is acquired through C# already so why not stick with it? I just needed to figure out how to load Leaflet in a C# Form. I used the WebBrowser Tool.

To figure it out, I went to StackOverflow and Atanas Korchev had the answer. I default open to my base Leaflet map with one point. I added the BounceMarker  plugin because it’s cool.  Lastly, I added a print button.

Here is the code:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;

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