Using a Raspberry Pi, RFID tags, man builds audiobook player for his nearly blind grandfather


Putting different connected technologies together for individual purposes isn’t just for the geeks any more: we’re now in an age where the ability for a mainstream consumer to hack or tweak an electronic device is seen as a positive feature. That enables people to create their own devices on an as-needed basis, which is a very powerful concept.

raspberry pi audiobook reader inside

Take the example of Willem, who wanted to find an audio-book player for his 93-year grandfather who is now nearly blind. Willem originally considered an iPod touch for the player but realized it would be difficult for his grandfather to control, even with Apple’s accessibility features built into iOS. So what did Willem do? He built his own audiobook player using the highly extensible Raspberry Pi module.

The Pi is the brains of the device: It’s the computer that plays back MP3 files of audiobooks. It also connects to the web to…

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Bag of Words Models for visual categorization

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Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about BOW (Bag of Words) models [1] and I thought it would be nice to write a short post on the subject. The post is based on the slides from Li Fei-Fei taken from ICCV 2005 course about object detection:

As the name implies, the concept of BOW is actually taken from text analysis. The idea is to represent a document as a “bag” of important keywords, without ordering of the words (that’s why it’s a called “bag of words”, instead of a list for example).

Illustration of Bag of words model in documents Illustration of Bag of words model in documents

In computer vision, the idea is similar. We represent an object as a bag of visual words – patches that described by a certain descriptor:

Illustration of Bag of words model in images Illustration of Bag of words model in images

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Self-Employment Program

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The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta fund a program for individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets. The program assists individuals in creating jobs for themselves by starting their own businesses. It also aids in creating additional employment opportunities in the community that might not otherwise be available.

The Self Employment Program provides clients with formal instruction in business plan development, one-to-one business counselling, coaching, guidance and follow-up during business plan implementation.

Are you unemployed or underemployed, but have an idea for a great new start up? Learn more about the program here!

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