Dropcam’s new camera is crystal clear — and it’s learning, too


Dropcam has pulled out all the stops with its new Dropcam Pro monitoring camera by vastly improving its clarity, control and, better yet, brains. Physical improvements account for a better picture than previously possible on a camera that could fit in your pocket, but it’s the touchscreen-optimized controls (such as pinch-to-zoom) and machine-learning-based activity recognition — powered by Dropcam’s massive cloud platform — that really steal the show.

Better hardware, better software, better experience

Admittedly, I haven’t used a cloud-connected home-monitoring/surveillance/however-you-want-to-use-it camera before, so perhaps I’m easily impressed. But it’s really easy to see where all the work went into the Dropcam Pro. As soon as I plugged in a test unit and began watching my cats mill about (OK, laze about) the fairly wide expanse of my living room and kitchen, I was struck by the clarity of the picture and the new 130-degree viewing angle.

Dropcam Co-founder and…

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