Meet – my pet, hobbyist robot

Handy Hacks

This post is formatted more like a scientific paper, and less like a blog. This is because I initially wrote this as a draft for a paper I was intending to publish. The version I ended up publishing turned out to be much more detailed and technical.

Abstract : This project uses Android, along with cloud based APIs and the 80c51 microcontroller, to create a software-hardware system that attempts to address several current problems in robotics, including, among other things, line-following, obstacle-avoidance, voice control, voice synthesis, remote surveillance, motion & obstacle detection, face detection and remote live image streaming. The rover, built upon a portable five-layered architecture, will use several mature and a few experimental algorithms in Web and Mobile Development, Computer Vision and Robotics behind-the-scene to provide its prospective user in defense, entertainment or industrial sector a positive user experience. A minimal amount of security is achieved using…

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