AlchemyAPI now recognizes famous faces (and can learn yours, too)


AlchemyAPI, the cloud computing company that uses deep learning to analyze text and images, has added facial recognition to its portfolio of services. The company released its first computer vision service in May.

Using the company’s face API, users can now process their collections of images and tag the set of 45,000-and-growing famous people on which AlchemyAPI’s system has been trained. Users can also train the system on their own corporate networks or other internal systems in order to recognize faces within the organization. Faces the system doesn’t recognize, because it hasn’t trained on labeled images of them, still receive tags for gender and age range.

For famous people that the system recognizes, it will also provide a knowledge graph of information about the person culled from other sources on the internet.

The way the face API trains itself, AlchemyAPI Founder and CEO Elliot Turner explained, is by crawling the…

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