Bringing Tablets To Restaurant Tables Nationwide Nets E la Carte $35 Million


On the heels of a nationwide rollout with Applebee’s, E la Carte has raised $35 million to bring its tablet technology to more restaurant tables around the country and around the world.

Previous investors Intel Capital and Romulus Capital returned to lead the round, which also included commitments from angel investor, entrepreneur, and Y Combinator head Sam Altman, and TriplePoint Capital.

As technology becomes increasingly embedded in every aspect of a consumer’s life, from a smart home to the smart phone in people’s pockets, there are certain public spaces which have been slow to adapt to the change that’s happening around them, according to E la Carte chief executive Rajat Suri. Restaurants have been late adopters, when it comes to bringing tech into the dining experience, he says, but that’s about to change.

“Your home is being transformed by Nest and other smart home companies. We see…

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