Nextdoor Now Lets Public Agencies Join Its Social Network For Neighborhoods


Nextdoor was founded with the idea of creating a way for users to connect with their neighbors online. So the platform emerged to help community members share information about what’s going on in their neighborhoods. Today it’s taking that a step further by enabling public agencies to sign up and interact with residents.

Since being founded, the company has added nearly 43,000 neighborhoods across the country. And people have used Nextdoor in a variety of ways: to announce yard sales or sell used goods, to find local handymen or babysitters, or to keep residents aware of public issues that are being discussed or debated in their neighborhood.

But one of Nextdoor’s most important use cases has been to share local crime and safety information among residents. According to Nextdoor co-founder Sarah Leary, about 20 percent of all messages fall into that Crime & Safety bucket, with users discussing issues like…

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