EyeEm Acquires Computer Vision Startup Sight.io To Make Photo Search And Discovery Better


Berlin-based photo-sharing platform EyeEm has acquired a smaller computer vision startup called Sight.io, both companies are announcing today. As a part of the deal, Sight.io founder Appu Shaji, originally from Kerala, India, will now join EyeEm as Head of Research and Development, where he will continue to work on technologies that can help EyeEm improve upon its image searching technologies.

Though Sight.io was a small company, its technology, which involves a combination of computer vision and machine learning techniques, was already well-known in its field and was even attracting the attention of larger players, we’re hearing, including one large stock photo site (rhymes with “clutter…”), for instance.

The startup, for background, offered computer vision-based automatic photo management and processing solutions which aimed to take the pain and cost out of manual image editing, sorting, composing, ranking, selecting and arranging. Its algorithms could look at your photo collection, and pull out the best images based…

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