IBM SoftLayer woos startups running Amazon Web Services, Rackspace


IBM’s cloud team has been on a mission to prove to startups that its SoftLayer infrastructure and BlueMix platform as a service are viable, economical options to Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and others.

Toward that end, [company]IBM[/company] hosted a Ted@IBM event in San Francisco this week to strut its stuff in the hotbed of startups. And it’s touting a couple customer wins as proof points for SoftLayer momentum: MutualMind, which helps businesses monitor customers’ social networking interactions, and Vivocha, a customer engagement SaaS product.

The appeal of bare metal

Addison, Texas–based MutualMind is moving the bulk of its workloads to SoftLayer from AWS and [company]Rackspace[/company], said CEO Babar Bhatti. A major reason was SoftLayer’s flexibility in providing both bare metal servers for I/O intensive workloads and cloud capabilities, with better service than the incumbent providers.

Vivocha, another hand-picked IBM case study, moved part of its service — batch data processing and CPU-intensive tasks — from AWS to Bluemix…

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