Hey devs, Amazon apps can make almost as much as iOS apps


It’s fairly obvious by now that iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog) are the top dogs in mobile, so the battle is on for the third platform player. I wrote off BlackBerry(s rimm) a while ago, and got some confirmation of that Thursday. Windows Phone(s msft) is looking better and better to be No. 3 to my eyes, but mobile analytics firm Flurry suggests a different player. Based on 11 million data points, Flurry suggests that Amazon is the one to watch, even though its “platform” is built upon Android.

The key stat from Flurry’s research is a look at apps that are available in the iTunes App Store (s aapl), Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) and Amazon’s Appstore(s amzn). Not surprisingly, the same app in all three stores makes more money — specifically through in-app purchases — in iTunes, so Flurry used this data…

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