Techstars, Qualcomm spin up a robotics startup accelerator


Robots are no longer just the business of university laboratories and secretive corporate divisions. Falling costs and improving technology have given rise to startups reinventing what exactly it means to be a robotics company, and corporations (and money) are noticing.

Qualcomm and Techstars announced a robotics accelerator today that will include about 10 projects in its first class, which begins in May in San Diego. Qualcomm will give $120,000 to each startup, each of which will spend four months developing their product with Techstars’ team.

Techstars has sent robotics startups, including Brewbot and Rise Robotics, through its program in the past. Robots have slowly been trickling into other startup accelerators as well; depending on your definition of a robot, HAXLR8R had around four among its May 2014 graduates. But a program dedicated exclusively to robots is still pretty rare.

The Modbot robot at a Highway1 demo day. Photo by Signe Brewster. The Modbot robot at a Highway1 demo day. Photo by Signe…

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