Branch Metrics Raises $3 Million From NEA For More Intelligent Deep Links That Make Apps Work Like The Web


Palo Alto-based Branch Metrics has just raised $3 million from NEA and others to address a series of challenges affecting the mobile app ecosystem today. The company has come up with an advanced “deep linking” technology for app developers, which allows for a more powerful means of sharing content from within apps, referring or inviting others to install apps, and more.

The solution goes beyond the current set of deep linking technologies, which only work successfully when users have the app already installed; with Branch Metrics’ solution, it’s able to direct users to the right place within an app even if the app was not installed when the link was first clicked.

App developers and marketers will quickly understand the benefit to the technology Branch Metrics has developed – and so did investors, it seems – the company ended up having their pick of VCs to work with, and chose NEA after getting a term sheet…

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