Why Is It Bad For Tech To Eat Jobs?


Most jobs suck. Yours probably doesn’t–after all, you’re a member of the highly educated, cutting-edge TechCrunch demographic–but most jobs, almost by definition, are done by people coerced by the fear of not having enough money into doing work they mostly don’t want to do. We should be ecstatic about the prospect of robots doing that work for us. Shouldn’t we?

And yet everyone accepts that such a notion is terrifying. The New Yorkerwrites:

Are robots coming for our jobs? In fact, they began stealing our jobs a long time ago […] robots are already displacing, and will continue to displace, jobs that humans would like to keep […] robots or other machines with human-like skills have appeared in service industries, too.

(They apparently also misleadingly quoted MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson, which is a pretty shitty thing for any publication to do, let alone The New Yorker.)


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