Is Now A Crowdfunding Platform For Medical Costs And Emergencies


As part of the founding team at Adly, Derek Rey helped build one of the first businesses focused on social media advertising. Now he’s doing something pretty different — his company recently relaunched as a crowdfunding platform for medical, memorial, and emergency costs.

We wrote about the site two years ago, when it was a platform to connect brands and celebrities — kind of like Adly, but with a focus on social good. Rey told me via email that the previous version of the site “had some success” (he pointed specifically to thiscampaign), “but the dent we hoped to make in the universe was no where close to what we had hoped.”

During that time, Rey also lost his mother to cancer. That, he said, made the shift in direction “obvious,” because he’d “lived the cancer journey.” He added:

It’s a journey that exhausts all resources…

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