A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Doug Leone About Startups & Venture Capital


Doug Leone is the Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital, where he has been a partner since 1993. Prior to joining Sequoia in 1988 he worked at Sun, HP and Prime in sales and sales management positions.

1. “We want to be partners with entrepreneurs from day one… We know after many, many years that your DNA is set in the first 60 to 90 days.”  

Doug Leone would prefer to be the “first outside dollar” in a new business. He believes it is easier to train people about the right approach than to change what has already been established. The cynic might say he is saying this because valuations are lower for the “first dollar in” venture capitalist. The non-cynic would reply that the probability of success goes up when a business gets a great start, since investing early helps retire risk and uncertainty.

Doug Leone makes a reference…

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