Machine Learning Startup GraphLab Gets A New Name And An $18.5M Check


Looking to bring machine learning to the masses — or at least the masses of businesses that could benefit from embedding artificial intelligence in their applications — Seattle-based GraphLab has raised $18.5 million in new funding and picked up a new name, Dato.

The brainchild of former Carnegie Mellon professor and machine learning guru Carlos Guestrin, GraphLab began as an open source project Guestrin launched at the University.

GraphLab was spun out of Carnegie Mellon in March 2013 when it raised a $6.8 million round from NEA and Madrona Venture Group.

Now under its new mantle of Dato, the company has managed to attract new investments from Vulcan Capital and Opus Capital Ventures, with NEA and Madrona reinvesting.

“What we allow is anybody in their garage, anybody who’s starting a company to build intelligent-infused applications,” says Guestrin.

GraphLab was initially an academic project in Guestrin’s research group, where the researchers were writing…

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