Facebook Messenger Ditches Constant Mapping To Lay Groundwork For More Location Features


Facebook is removing the confusing, slightly creepy always-on location sharing feature in Messenger for a more explicit, one-time way to share where you are or will be. Location will no longer be a “second class citizen”, Messenger Head Of Product Stan Chudnovsky tells me. Instead, Messenger has big plans for GPS features, saying “What we’re launching is the foundation of everything that’s coming.”

For example, “You might want to make reservations. How are we all getting there? Maybe there’s a transportation service somehow” Chudnovsky hints. When I ask if Messenger might build on Uber’s API to let you instantly book rides, he coyly replied “I didn’t say that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like what you’re saying.”

Facebook Messenger Location

Here’s a quick demo of how the new location sharing system works:

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No More Marauders Map

Unfortunately for Facebook’s public image, the elimination of the toggleable, persistent location sharing feature…

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