InboxVudu And The Uber That Got Away


We hear a lot of startup origin stories here at TechCrunch, and sometimes they can blur together. But this one’s a little different.

It’s about Ramesh Haridas, an entrepreneur and angel investor. He’s backed some successful startups, including Rapportive, which was acquired by LinkedIn. What Haridas told me about, however, was the one that got away — namely, Uber.

As you can see in the screenshot below, back in 2010, Haridas was actually corresponding with Ryan Graves. At the time, Graves was running the company then known as UberCab, and they were scheduling a call to discuss a possible investment. However, when Graves tried to reschedule, Haridas said he totally missed the message, and eventually the round closed without him.

Missing the email was “very costly,” Haridas said. After all, Uber has been valued at $40 billion, and even before the most recent funding and valuation, those…

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