The 50 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 1


Hardware took the spotlight at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, reflecting a major shift of the accelerator beyond the cliche mobile app startup. Out of the 50 companies from the Summer 2015 batch that demoed on the record today, 20 featured hardware. What was formally the Demo Day lunchroom has become an expo hall for all manners of robots and gadgets.

Tomorrow, another 50 or so startups will present. Soon, we’ll have our selections made for our favorites. But for now, here’s a look at all 50 that strutted the stage today:

TeaBOT — An automated beverage vendor

TeaBOT is a robot that makes grab’n’go tea. You enter up to three types of its dozen teas, pay via iPad or credit card, and the bot automatically mixes you a hot cup of tea. The company says the bots can earn $100,000 a year. The startup licenses the TeaBOTs to retailers and colleges, and…

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