Unity / C# : Pedestrian Simulation

Alex Brinkley

For me AI has always been an interesting topic to read about. I first thought about AI in video games when I was a boy playing “007 GoldenEye” on the N64. I somehow always managed to set the alarm off on the first level “Dam”, and then watched as a horde of guards made their way through the tunnel to kill me. “It’s pretty cool the way they know where you are and hunt you down”, I always said to my dad. AI is just pretty cool in general. AI for video games and simulations alike.

When I was tasked to create a Pedestrian Simulation in Unity, I was pretty chuffed as I could finally look deeper into how it’s created. Having never used Unity before, learning how to use it just added to the excitement.

After days and days of trial and error, Unity tutorials and watching Pedestrian simulations…

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