Algorithmic glass ceiling in social networks: the effects of social recommendations on network diversity

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Algorithmic glass ceiling in social networks: the effects of social recommendations on network diversity Stoica et al., WWW’18

(If you don’t have ACM Digital Library access, the paper can be accessed either by following the link above directly from The Morning Paper blog site, or from the WWW 2018 proceedings page).

Social networks were meant to connect us and bring us together. This paper shows that while they might be quite successful at doing this in the small, on a macro scale they’re actually doing the opposite. Not only do they reinforce and sustain disparities among groups, but they actually reinforce the rate at which disparity grows. I.e., they’re driving us apart. This happens due to the rich-get-richer phenomenon resulting from friend/follow recommendation algorithms.

… we find that prominent social recommendation algorithms can exacerbate the under-representation of certain demographic groups at the top of the social hierarchy… Our…

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Uber’s Flying Taxi

Novice Analysis

Earlier today I was reading about Uber’s newest unveiling of their concept for a flying taxi and I love it. It’s an electrically powered, multi-rotor plane with two rotors for vertical flight and one for horizontal flight. This is reminiscent of the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor, where the propellers transition from vertical flight to horizontal – the difference being Uber’s rotors are fixed. This has the potential to reduce some maintenance by reducing moving parts, but you’re also adding a lot of weight which reduces the carrying capacity.

One of the reasons I mention the V-22 is that one of the companies Uber is working with to develop this concept is Bell Helicopter, co-builder (along with Boeing) of the V-22.

Here are some points that I’d like to address; some questions, some comments, some concerns.

Don’t use fixed rotors

Uber is working with Bell Helicopter which successfully builds and sells V-22…

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Naked Before God – Part 4 – Naked Prayer

All Things Rabyd

If meditation can be done in the nude I think we can assume we might as well stay and pray in the nude.  The two differ in this: meditation is about listening to God; prayer is about communicating with God. One is about listening; the other is about talking. One other way I have heard it explained is that meditation and petition are the two sides of prayer.

Prayer is described in the Bible much like a subject in a kingdom coming into the throne room of the king and petitioning the king for favor and in return listening to what the king will grant and what he expects that subject to do if the king is going to grant that favor.  In a very real way this is true of us and God.  Prayer should not be something we are completely comfortable with in the sense of who we are coming before to ask a favor. …

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