HitchBOT Shows That Robots Can Trust Humans With Cross-Canada Journey


A project cosponsored by a group of Canadian universities, startups and Microsoft Azure has resulted in a robot named HitchBOT successfully making its way across Canada, beginning its journey in Halifax on the country’s eastern coast and ending in Victoria, British Columbia on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

The project saw a rudimentary robot depending completely on strangers willing to pick it up and transport it to get where it was going, and the entire journey took only a little less than a month and resulted in no major injuries, besides a cracked protector screen for its LED ‘face’ and somewhat garbled speech compared to its initial eloquence.

HitchBOT was picked up only two minutes after it began its journey, and had an easy go of finding subsequent rides along the way. The robot is very crude, but could have conversations with its drivers, though occasionally it required power…

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