Huawei exec: Tizen has no chance, Windows Phone success is difficult


If you’re Samsung or Microsoft, you won’t like to hear what Richard Yu has to say. Yu is in charge of Huawei’s consumer business group and has seen his company quickly become the no. 3 smartphone seller in the world. In a weekend interview with the Wall Street Journal, Yu dismissed Samsung’s internal software efforts and explained why Huawei has put Windows Phone on hold for now.

Huawei 4Afrika Windows Phone

China-based [company]Huawei[/company] used to build phones for carriers as a white-label brand: You wouldn’t see Huawei’s name on the phone, similar to how [company]HTC[/company] got its start. That changed, Yu told the Journal, when Huawei decided its phones were better than competing products and it figured to build its brand value. Based on the company’s growing sales, the strategy has worked, as only Samsung and Apple sold more smartphones than Huawei in 2013.

The company builds its handsets using [company]Google[/company] Android, much…

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